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Frequently asked questions

It's all really simple:

  • You get a flexible schedule.
  • The trip route and price are known in advance.
  • The commission for orders is low.

We monitor trends in the transportation market and try to offer the best terms to both our drivers and our passengers.

All you need is a smartphone and a vehicle in good condition. Registration takes about 3 minutes. You will need to enter your driver's license details.
That is up to you. We receive orders every minute. Some drivers like to work during rush hours, others prefer working at night. Each driver plans out his or her own schedule for working and taking breaks.
It makes all your non-cash transactions really simple. Your driver account lets you receive money for participating in promotions, as well as non-cash payments from passengers. It also lets you provide change to passengers and pay the commission for orders.
In whatever way that is convenient for you: via a payment terminal, or from your card in the driver app. You can also take orders where you receive payment to your account.
Our drivers use the Taxsee Driver app to make money. It has everything a driver needs: for example, it lets you call your passengers and message them in chat. It also has a built-in navigator. You can take orders one by one as they are offered to you, or select them from the list. You can also edit the trip route as you go.
Take orders on holidays, during rush hours, and when the weather is bad. You can take low-paying orders one after another. That is more cost-effective than wasting your time waiting for high-price orders.
We are always ready to talk. We encourage you to share your suggestions with us: you can leave us a message on our website or in the driver app.
The amount of the commission depends on the region, promotions held in certain subdivisions of the service, and the cooperation conditions. If you fulfill the conditions, you can get a minimum percentage. You can ask for more information on the promotions and the parameters affecting the commission in the "Contact Us" section → "Leave feedback" on website or in Taxsee Driver, the app for drivers.